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The spinflex upgrade is compatible with existing CW ESR systems, including those manufactured by Bruker or Varian. It functions as an "add-on," utilizing your current magnet and power supply setup. The spinflex magnetic field controller is connected to your existing power supply, enabling independent control. When you prefer to utilize your original CW ESR system with its own field controller, a switch, added by us to your power supply, allows you to seamlessly revert to your standard operations with the CW ESR system.

Spinflex offers a complete solution for a pulsed ESR spectrometer, including the magnet and power supply tailored to your specific requirements. While you can order the magnet and power supply separately, we recommend consulting with us to ensure the optimal compatibility between your new magnet and our spectrometer, maximizing their fit and functionality.

We provide a standard 3-year warranty period for all items supplied by us.

Yes, of course.

CW and pulse ESR systems exhibit distinct microwave specifications, making it impractical to combine them into a single unit. If you currently possess an effective functioning CW system, it's advisable to retain it and consider sharing the magnet with the new pulsed upgrade instead.

The system operates at ambient room temperature. You have the flexibility to utilize your existing ESR probe head with an existing cryosystem if needed.

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Yes you can. Please contact us for more details.

Rapid-scan functionality offers sensitivity enhancement, particularly in samples characterized by long T1 and T2 relaxation times, thus avoiding saturation. These specific samples are suitable for pulsed ESR techniques, offering the complete capabilities of pulse ESR and ENDOR at a cost lower than that of the rapid-scan upgrade. This comprehensive solution not only provides the desired sensitivity improvement in samples vulnerable to saturation by standard ESR but also unlocks the full potential of pulse ESR and ENDOR techniques.

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