ESR 100

X – band Pulse ESR spectrometer ESR100 The ESR100 is a highly versatile X band pulse electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer, it has high performance in pulse formation and data acquisition by the high precision control and readout system developed by CIQTEK and is widely used in the research experiment of general electron spin echo detection, ESEEM, 2DHYSCORE, ELDOR, pulsed-ENDOR, and laser triggered experiments.



CW-EPR performance


Pulse channels
Number of channels: 8
Channel 1:Microwave pulse with 0° (+X)
Channel 2:Microwave pulse with 90° (+Y)
Channel 3:Microwave pulse with 180° (-X)
Channel 4:Microwave pulse with 270° (-Y)
Channel 5: Gate of solid state power amplifier
Channel 6: Protection switch of Receiver LNA
Channel 7: ELDOR microwave pulse
Channel 8: For extension
Microwave pulse time resolution
50 ps
Output power of solid state power amplifier
Max 450 W
Phase stability of microwave pulse
Less than 2° in 800 us
Maximum microwave pulse length
3 ms
Minimum π / 2 pulse length
8 ns
Arbitrary waveform pulse modulation
Sampling rate 1 GSPS

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