About us

Spinflex technology is a spin-off based on innovations developed in Technion’s Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, headed by Professor Aharon Blank. The company delivers high quality pulsed ESR products at affordable prices while maintaining the highest quality of service. Our products also include a variety of upgrades that can transform any CW ESR system to state-of-the-art pulsed spectrometer, educational kit for experimenting with spin-based quantum technology, compact permanent magnet for optical tables, and a variety of ESR resonators and ESR probeheads.

Our vision

To provide state-of-the-art technology, solutions, and unmatched service in the field of electron spin resonance with wide accessibility to all levels of the scientific and industrial community.

We aim to work with the best researchers in the field in order to bring our advanced equipment in a manner that is convenient to operate and at an affordable price. We will be happy to be at your disposal for any questions and concerns as well as enable you, through our researchers, to conduct your experiments quickly and conveniently.

Our technology

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) is a well-established spectroscopic method that is used for a variety of scientific and industrial applications. ESR can detect, identify, and characterize paramagnetic materials. It is complementary to the better-known method of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which does not work well for paramagnetic materials. The typical applications of ESR involve finding the structure of large biological molecules, characterizing defects and dopants in semiconductor materials, and studying chemical reactions with paramagnetic intermediates. ESR is also used as a tool in the new fields of quantum sensing and quantum computing. Traditional ESR systems are based on Continuous Wave (CW) operation. Modern ESR spectroscopy makes use of Pulsed ESR, which is complementary to CW ESR in molecular and materials research.

Our team

Shahar Zigdon


Performed various roles as a systems and hardware engineer in several
companies, led engineering teams in multidisciplinary projects. Currently, CTO and Chief Systems Engineer on the development team of spinflex.

Aharon Blank


Professor at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and heads its Magnetic Resonance Laboratory. Develops a variety of new methodologies in the field of magnetic resonance and applies them to new areas in science and technology. Serves as spinflex’s Chief Scientific Advisor and heads its development team.

Yossi Dahan


Bsc. electrical engineering,
Msc. Biomedical engineering.
Has engineering and business experience in a number of different companies and initiatives.