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spinflex upgrade is an "add-on" for existing CW ESR systems (such as by Bruker or Varian) that make use of your existing magnet and power supply.  The spinflex magnetic field controller is attached to your existing power supply and can control it independently.  When you want to use your original CW ESR system with its own field controller, simply flip a switch that we add to your power supply and work as usual with your CW ESR system.

spinflex can provide you a full solution of pulsed ESR spectrometer with the magnet and power supply of your needs.  You can also always order your magnet and power supply separately, but it is bets to consult with us on these issue, to maximize the fit between your new magnet and our spectrometer.

We offer a standard 3-year warranty period for all items supplied by us.

Yes, of course.

CW and pulse ESR systems have very different requirements in terms of the microwave specifications.  It does not make much sense to combine them in a single unit.  If you already have a good working CW system, it is best to keep it, and just share the magnet with the new pulsed upgrade.

The system works at ambient room temperature.  You can use your existing ESR probe head with and existing cryosystem.

Have a look here, or mail us with more questions for sample data.

Yes you can. Please contact us for more details.

Rapid-scan provides sensitivity improvement especially in samples with long T1 and T2 (so they are not saturated).  These are the exact samples that are amendable to pulsed ESR, so in a price that is lower than the cost of the rapid-scan upgrade, you can get the full capabilities of pulse ESR and ENDOR, which would also give you the sensitivity improvement that you seek in samples with long T1 and T2 (that are easily saturated by standard ESR).

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